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2015 Governor's Conference on the Future of Water in Kansas


Agenda & Brochure



Vision for the Future of Water in Kansas - Governor's Vision Team

Regionalization of Water Supplies in Minnesota - Dominic Jones, Red Rock Rural Water System, Minnesota

Monitoring Impacts of the Sheridan County 6 Local Enhanced Management Area (LEMA) -Bill Golden

Long Term Water Supply: What Will the Climate Look Like - The National Climate Assessment - Doug Kluck

Drought Tournaments -  This is Not a Game, Well It Is. - Margaret Fast

Risk to City’s Water Supply Mitigated with Quick Actions - Andrea Cole

Long-Term Water Supply Planning - Two Cities, Two Battles, One Future - Brian Meier, Luca DeAngelis

Unifying Watershed Management Through an Off-Site BMP Implementation Program in the Little Arkansas River Watershed - Trisha Moore, Ron Graber, Josh Roe, Tom Stiles

Understanding the Relationship between Urban Best Management Practices & Ecosystem Service Provision - Kelsey McDonough, Trisha Moore, Stacy Hutchinson

Using Radar Precipitation to Estimate Water-Level Changes & Water Use in the High Plains Aquifer - Don Whittemore, James Butler, Brownie Wilson, John Woods

USGS Water Data Available on the Internet - Brian Loving

 Legal & Legislative Evaluation of Kansas Aqueduct Study - David Pope

Developing a Systematic Approach to Implement a Groundwater Reverse Osmosis Facility - Jake White

Osage City Lake Restoration Project - Randy Root

Streambank Restoration - A Unified Effort to Increase Agency Coordination & Efficient Delivery of  Resources -  Rob Reschke, Jaime Gaggero, Steve Frost

Implementing WRAPS Plans . . . The Details - Andrew Lyon, Graham Freeman

Non-Point Source in the News: How it Relates to Kansas - Jaime Gaggero

Fate of High Uranium in Saline Arkansas River Water in Southwest Kansas: Distribution in Soils, Crops & Groundwater - Don Whittemore, Masato Ueshima, Jonathan Aguilar, G.L. Macpherson

Implementing the Water Vision: Changes to Rules & Regulations - Susan Metzger, Lane Letourneau, David Barfield

Nebraska’s New Water Sustainability Fund: Its Origin, Status & Applicability in Kansas - Karen Griffin, Patti Banks

Communicating about Conservation Practice Needs Using Spatially Enabled PDF Maps - Will Boyer

Protect the Source! A Look at How Public Water Supplies can Ensure Safe Drinking Water for Years to Come -  Travis Sieve

Reducing Sediment & Nutrient Losses from Non-Point Sources in the Middle Neosho Watershed - Gretchen Sassenrath, Vladimir Alarcon, Stacey Kulesza, Xiaomao Lin

Hydrodynamic Simulation for the Circulation & Sediment Transport in Kansas Reservoirs with Wind & Flood Conditions - Z. Charlie Zheng, Haidong Liu, Bryan Young

Diminishing Water Resources: A Geologist’s Perspective - James Roberts

Should We Adjudicate the Water Rights to the Ogallala Aquifer? - Burke Griggs

Algal Toxin Removal at Ambient & High pH Conditions - Jeff Neemann

Treating Agricultural Runoff with Constructed Wetlands - Edward Peltier, C. Bryan Young, LlynnAnn Luellen, Hyunjung Lee

The Importance of Irrigation Scheduling in the 21st Century - Freddie Lamm

Agricultural Crop Water Use - Danny Rogers, Jonathan Aguilar, Isaya Kisekka, Philip Barnes

Using Existing Radiological Data Sets to Identify Sediment Sources in John Redmond Reservoir - Dan Haines

Restoring Sediment Continuity to the Kansas River Watershed: Benefits & Practicality of Environmental Flows of Sediment - John Shelley

Promoting the Value of Water Utilities: Telling the Water Story - Tonya Bronleewe

NEPA & 404 Permitting for Two Missouri Water Supply Reservoirs - Aaron Ball, Chad Johnson

Evaluating Future Water Management Strategies in the Lower Republican River Basin - Christian Gnau, Andrea Brookfield

Variability of Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions along the Arkansas River - Andrea Brookfield, Ed Reboulet, Brownie Wilson

Reflections on Water & Education - Rex Buchanan, Interim Director, Kansas Geological Survey

 Day 2

Student / Faculty / Staff  & Professional Poster Abstracts

Abstracts on water research are invited. Thematic areas include, but are not limited to: reservoirs; municipal and industrial water issues; streambank stabilization, WRAPs and watersheds; High Plains and other aquifer characterization and modeling; High Plains management: irrigation water conservation (technology, crops and management); droughts, floods and climate change; emerging issues (water transfers, water reuse, water and energy); and other water-related topics.

     •    Concurrent Sessions featuring research presentations

     •    Governor's Student Poster Award 

Submitting Proposals for Day 2

    •    Deadline for professional/academic abstracts (poster & oral): October 9, 2015

    •    Deadline for Student Poster Abstracts: October 30, 2015

Please have the following infomraiton available before you begin the submission process:

    •    Contact information for primary presenter

    •    Co-presenter information  (names and organizations/institutions)

    •    Biographical sketch for each presented (oral presentation proposals only)

    •    Presentation Title

    •    Presentation abstract (Word or PDF file to be uploaded, 500-word limit)

    •    Topic area(s)

    •    Poster display requirements (poster proposals only)

Student poster proposal submission form - Deadline: October 30, 2015

Professional oral/poster presentation proposal submission form - Deadline: October 9, 2015

THANK YOU to our sponsors who help keep registration costs very affordable.