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Kansas Water Plan 2014

The Kansas Water Office, in coordination with local, state, federal and interstate partners, is developing the 5-year update of the Kansas Water Plan. The Kansas Water Plan is one of the primary tools used by the State of Kansas to address current water resources issues and to plan for future needs. Statutory authority and basic guidance for formulating the Kansas Water Plan is contained in the State Water Resources Planning Act.

As volumes of the 2014 Plan are drafted, they will be linked below.

executive summary

volume i - introduction & background PDF graphic

volume II - statewide and regional water assessment

Sections will be added as they are completed.  Please note that hyperlinks will not be active until the document is final.

  • Water Budget of Kansas - Draft
  • Water Demand - Municipal Water Demand - Draft
  • Water Demand - Industrial Water Demand - Draft
  • Water Demand - Irrigation Water Demand - Draft
  • Water Demand - Stockwater Demand - Draft
  • Water Demand - Recreation - Draft
  • Water Supply - Groundwater Sources and Supply - Draft
  • Water Supply - Surface Water Supply - Draft
  • Water Supply - Non-Traditional Sources and Uses of Water Reuse - Draft
  • Water Supply - Surface Water Quality - Draft
  • Water Supply - Assessment of Infrastructure Condition and Needs - Draft

volume iii - guiding principles

  • Ensuring Each Citizen has Reliable Water Supply
  • Conserving and Extending the High Plains Aquifer
  • Securing, Protecting and Restoring our Kansas Reservoirs
  • Improving our State's Water Quality
  • Improving Recreational Opportunities Available to our Citizens
  • Developing and Maintaining our State and Local Water Infrastructure
  • Reducing our Vulnerability to Extreme Events
  • Develop a Long-Term, Affordable and Sustainable Method to Provide Financing for the
    Implementation of the Kansas Water Plan

volume iv - Statewide and regional goals and strategies

volume v - kansas water plan atlas




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