Reports & Publications

The Kansas Water Office prepares reports to inform the Governor, Kansas Legislators, government officials and the citizens of Kansas of the state of water policy, programs and water issues in Kansas.


Kansas Drought Operations Plan - Governor's Drought Team - Executive Order No. 12-09 - This operations plan is intended to provide the Governor's Drought Team with an effective and systematic means of monitoring drought conditions and implementing appropriate response actions to limit the adverse impacts of drought.

Kansas Climate and Drought Update - The Kansas Water Office has the statutory responsibility to monitor conditions and inform the Governor when drought conditions are present in the state.


Kansas Water Authority 2017 Annual Report to the Governor and Legislature - The Kansas Water Authority submits an annual report to the Governor and Legislature which contains recommendations on funding to implement the State Water Plan.

The WaterFront - Kansas Water Office Water Project News


2014 Kansas Water Plan - The Kansas Water Plan is one of the primary tools used by the State of Kansas to address current water resource issues and to plan for future needs. Statutory authority and basic guidance for formulating the Plan is contained in the State Water Resources Planning Act.

2009 Kansas Water Plan - The Kansas Water Authority approved the Update of the 2009 Kansas Water Plan on January 29, 2009. Implementation may be through legislation, funding or focus or existing agency(ies) programs.

Kansas Water Plan - State Water Plan Funded Programs Accomplishment Report - 2012 - This report provides an update of programs and projects that receive funding from the State Water Plan Fund.

Programs Manual - 2009 - This manual is a guide to state and federal agencies, programs, program descriptions, the underlying authorities for the programs and contact information.


Committee Report on Federal Actions Necessary for the Conservation & Enviornmental Preservation of the High Plains Aquifer (Mayo Report) - 2000 - This report identified actions that should be taken to conserve the High Plains Aquifer.

Ogallala Aquifer Management Advisory Committee Report - 2001 - Discussion and recommendations for long-term management of the Ogallala Aquifer in Kansas.

Streamflow Augmentation of Rattlesnake Creek - 2006 - Streamflow augmentation was one of a number of the management strategies introduced in the June 2000 Rattlesnake Creek Management Program Proposal by the Rattlesnake Creek/Quivira Partnership to address stream flow shortages due to fluctuating aquifer levels in the subbasin. The Kansas Water Office estimates the frequency that an augmentation year would occur in the future is about 50 percent.


Characterization and Mapping of Sediment Thickness and Pattern in John Redmond Reservoir - 2014

Final Supplement to the Final Environmental Impact Statement - Storage Reallocation John Redmond Dam and Reservoir, Kansas - Volume I-III

Kanopolis Water Supply Yield Analyses and Review of Reservoir Inflow Depletions - 2008

Kansas Reservoir Assessment - 2011 - Through the Federal Planning Assistance to States Program the USACE and the KWO teamed together and retained CDM Federal Programs Corporation to complete the Kansas Reservoir Assessment with the goal of providing documentation of the current uses of Perry, Milford and Tuttle Creek lakes and estimating the value of recreation and water supply uses to the regions served by the reservoirs. In addition, the study describes the impacts to existing uses at the reservoirs due to releases made to support navigation on the Missouri River.

Sedimentation in our Reservoirs: Causes and Solutions - 2008 - The Kansas Water Resources Institute and Kansas Water Office, in collaboration with serveral other state and federal agencies, brought together a group of scientists and water professionals to identify technological solutions that will protect and conserve federal reservoirs.

Wilson Lake Reallocation Feasibility Study Fact Sheet - 2009


Wetland Program for Kansas - 2013

Kansas River Basin Regional Sediment Management Section 204 Stream and River Channel Assessment Clinton Lake Watershed - 2011

Kansas River Basin Regional Sediment Management Section 204 Stream and River Channel Assessment, Perry Lake Watershed Report - 2011

Kansas River Basin Regional Sediment Management Section 204 Stream and River Channel Assessment Summary Report - 2011

Hydrologic and Geomorphic Changes on the Kansas River - 2010 - The purpose of this study is to analyze hydrologic and geomorphic changes on the Kansas River from 1985-2009.

Kansas River Basin Regional Sediment Management Section 204 Stream and River Channel Assessment - 2010 - The USACE, KC District contracted Gulf South Research Corporation to conduct stream channel morphologic and riparian assessments identifying future sediment control opportunities within the Kansas Rvier basin. The study area encompasses the Kansas River watershed above Perry Reservoir and a sub-watershed above Tuttle Creek Reservoir.

Kansas River Basin Stream and River Channel Assessment Project Final Report - Report Section 1-4; Report Section 5-8; Appendix A-G - 2008

Mean Annual Sediment Yield Estimation for the Neosho Basin - 2009 - In 2009 the KWO reevaluated the Neosho Basin suspended sediment yields. The results of the assessment found the sediment yields of the Neosho and Cottonwood Rivers are significantly higher than that of the tributaries feeding into them.

Recommendations for Improvements to the Water Supply, Management, Efficiency and Conservation in the Lower Republican River Basin - 2010 - This report is to guide future improvements to the water management, efficiency and conservation in the Lower Republican River basin.

Verdigris River Post Flood Channel and Riparian Assessment Report - 2008

Kansas Water Office Region 7 EPA Wetland Program Development Grant FFY 2011 Final Report


Central Kansas Water Bank Association Five-Year Review and Recommendations - 2011 - This report is an evaluation and recommendation on the future of the Central Kansas Water Bank Association and water banking in general for Kansas.

Kansas Industrial Water Conservation Plan Guidelines - These guidelines were prepared for use by industrial water users to assist them in developing a water conservation plan.

Kansas Irrigation Water Conservation Plan Guidelines - These guidelines were preapred for use by irrigators to assist them in preparing a water conservaiton plan.

Kansas Municipal Water Conservation Plan Guidelines - These guidelines were developed for use by public water suppliers to assist them in preparing a water conservation plan. A Water Drought/Emergency Ordinance (for cities) or Resolution (for rural water districts) must also be adopted to allow implementation of the drought response portion of the water conservation plan.


Financial Report - Water Marketing & Water Assurance Programs - 2010 - This report provides an overview of the programs' revenues and expenditures for calendar year 2010. This report is prepared for the benefit of the customers of the programs.

Surplus Water Available in Water Marketing Program Lakes - CY 2017 - This report as approved by the Kansas Water Authority constitutes the finding that the waters so indicated in the report are surplus.

Using Water Demand to Determine Population Estimates and Projections for Kansas - 1999 - In June 1999, the KWO's methodology was first used to preview population estimates and the Division of Budget endorsed the agency's population projects as the official Kansas projections.
        Table 1 - Population Estimates & Projections by City by Selected Year
        Table 2 - Population Estimates & Projections by Public Water Supplier by Selected Year
        Table 3 - Water Demnad Estimates & Projections by PWS by Selected Year
        Table 4 - Population Projections & Estimates by County
        Table 5 - Population Estimates & Projections by City, by County, by Selected Year
        Table 6 - Water Demand Estimates & Projections for PWS's by County by Selected Year

2017 Public Water Supply Program Comprehensive Capital Development Plan - The purpose of this Plan is to provide long-term planning of future program needs related to acquisition of all the water supply storage under federal contracts, potential new storage development and protection and restoration of the storage owned by the State.