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 Welcome to the Kansas Water Office

Photo Tracy StreeterAs the state's water agency, we conduct water planning, policy, marketing and coordination throughout the state. We also make recommendations to the Governor and Legislature for needed legislation to ensure water policies and programs address the needs of all Kansans. Please visit about us to learn more about our agency and the Kansas Water Authority page for more information about them.

In some areas of Kansas this is the sixth year of drought. This drought has placed a great deal of stress on our water supply resources, statewide. This situation led Governor Brownback to issue a call to action in 2013 for a 50 Year Vision to ensure the state's current and future water supply needs are addressed. I encourage you to visit The Vision page for the latest information.

Depleting water in storage in our federal reservoirs is a concern, most significantly at John Redmond Reservoir.  We have recognized for some time the growing problem of sedimentation at John Redmond, but this fact was heightened even more due to past drought conditions. With concentrated support from Governor Brownback  this problem at John Redmond will be addressed and become the first project of its kind. I encourage you to visit our Projects/Programs page to learn more about this.

The Kansas Water Plan is one of the primary tools used by the state of Kansas to address current water resources issues and to plan for future needs. The KWO is developing the five year update of the Kansas Water Plan, the Vision will be implemented through the Kansas Water Plan. Kansas water resource education is critical. It is essential to protect, extend and conserve our vital resource for future generations while also supporting Kansas economy.

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