Water Related Links

High Plains/Ogallala Aquifer Links

Kansas Geological Survey - High Plains/Ogallala Aquifer

High Plains /Ogallala Aquifer Information - Developed by KGS and K-State, HiPLAIN is dedicated to providing links to organizations, information, data, and resources related to the High Plains aquifer.

Kansas Lakes and Reservoirs Data Portal - Developed by the Kansas Biological Survey, the Portal serves as a central point with current and historical data about Kansas lakes and reservoirs.

Drought Related Links

     Current Conditions and Forecasts

KSU Weather Data Library - Agriculture and fire weather information, current Kansas weather conditions and links to National Weather Service offices serving Kansas.

U.S. Geological Survey Kansas District - Kansas Drought Watch - Streamflow information.

NOAA Drought Information Center - Most recent U.S. Drought Monitor, Palmer Index, Drought Outlook and more.

Kansas Biological Survey Kansas Green Report Maps - Kansas vegetation condition map.

USDA/KDA Kansas Crop Weather - Weekly update of crop and pasture conditions, availability of feed supplies, soil moisture and more.

Corps Missouri River Basin Daily Reservoir Summary - Daily conditions for Kansas reservoirs located in the Upper Republican, Solomon, Smoky Hill-Saline, Kansas-Lower Republican and Marais des Cygnes basins.

Corps Daily Report of Reservoir Conditions - Covers Kansas reservoirs located in the Lower Arkansas, Walnut, Verdigris and Neosho basins.

     Assistance, Planning and Mitigation

Drought Impact Reporter - The Drought Impact Reporter is part of the National Drought Mitigation Center. It allows producers to report concerns and impacts such as crop loss, livestock loss or need to sell, fish kills, dry wells and community water supply challenges.

USDA Farm Service Agency - Provides information on USDA Secretarial county disaster declarations and available USDA assistance.

National Drought Mitigation Center - National clearinghouse for drought information.

Kansas Organizations

Kansas.Gov - The official Web Site for the State of Kansas

Big Bend Groundwater Management District No. 5

Equus Beds Groundwater Management District No. 2

Kansas Alliance for Wetlands and Streams

Kansas Association for Conservation and Environment Education (KACEE)

Kansas Association of Counties

Kansas Chamber of Commerce

Kansas Corn

Kansas Environmental Leadership Program (KELP)

Kansas Farm Bureau

Kansas Forest Service

Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom

Kansas Livestock Association

Kansas Rural Water Association

Kansas WRAPS

League of Kansas Municipalities

Northwest Kansas Groundwater Management District No. 4

Regional Economic Area Partnership (REAP)

Southwest Kansas Groundwater Management District No. 3

State Association of Kansas Watersheds

Western Kansas Groundwater Management District No. 1

Federal Agencies

NOAA's National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office - Topeka, KS

NWS Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service - River State Observations and Forecasts - Topeka, KS

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. Geological Survey

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service

U.S.  Department of Agriculture - Farm Service Agency

Corps of Engineers - Kansas City District - Tulsa District

Inter-State Organizations

Interstate Council on Water Policy

Western States Water Council

American Water Works Association

Water Agencies on the Kansas Water Authority

Kansas Department of Agriculture - A regulatory agency that serves all Kansans. It is charged by law to ensure: a safe food supply; responsible and judicious use of pesticides and nutrients; the protection of Kansas' natural and cultivated plants; integrity of weighing and measuring devices in commerce; and, that the state's waters are put to beneficial use.

Division of Water Resources, Kansas Department of Agriculture- Administers 28 state laws, including the Kansas Water Appropriation Act, and statutes concerning construction of dams, levees and other changes to streams within Kansas.

Division of Conservation, Kansas Department of Agriculture - Administers the Conservation Districts law and other laws designed to assist local entities and individuals in conserving our natural resources.

Kansas Biological Survey - A research and service unit of the University of Kansas and an agency of the State of Kansas. Its programs and activities meet mission-oriented goals germane to state, regional, national, and global environmental and biological issues.

Kansas Corporation Commission - To protect the public interest through impartial, and efficient resolution of all jurisdictional issues. The agency shall regulate rates, service and safety of public utilities, common carriers, motor carriers, and regulate oil and gas production by protecting correlative rights and the environmental resources.

Kansas Department of Commerce - To empower individuals, businesses and communities to achieve prosperity in Kansas.

Kansas Geological Survey - To conduct geological studies and research and to collect, correlate, preserve, and disseminate information leading to a better understanding of the geology of Kansas, with special emphasis on natural resources of economic value, water quality and quantity, and geologic hazards.

Kansas Department of Health and Environment - To protect the health and environment of all Kansans by promoting responsible choices.

Kansas State University, Research and Extension - "Dedicated to a safe, sustainable, competitive food and fiber system and to strong, healthy communities, families and your through integrated research, analysis and education"

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism - Conserve and enhance Kansas natural heritage, its wildlife and its habitats; provide the public with opportunities for the use of the natural resources.

Kansas Water Office - To ensure adequate quantities of good quality water to meet future needs. To coordinate the water resource operations of agencies at all levels of government.