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Mission Lake Dredging

Mission lake was constructed in 1924 by damming Mission Creek. The reservoir was constructed primarily as a raw water source for potable public water supply and for recreation purposes. Sediment has accumulated within the lake since the dam was constructed and has significantly reduced the reservoir's water storage capacity. As such, the City of Horton is now relying on water from groundwater wells to serve the residents of the City and the town of Willis. The reservoir remains as an attraction for boaters, skiers, and fisherman.

The City of Horton is participating as a pilot project under the Water Supply Restoration Program administered by the State Conservation Commission (SCC). As a participant of this program, the City will receive cost share assistance for the restoration of Mission Lake. Restoration of the lake will include removal of approximately 750,000 cubic yards of sediment and construction of a Confined Disposal Facility (CDF) within an unnamed tributary to Mission Creek for the purpose of depositing the dredged material upstream of the CDF.

City Commission Selects Design-Dredge Team

As representatives of the City of Horton, State Conservation Commission, and Kansas Water Office, we were pleased with the overwhelming interest by high quality companies in this project. We are looking forward to building a relationship with the selected contracting team and delivering a great project to the citizens of Horton.

The Horton City Commission has selected Dredge America, Inc. for the dredging of Mission Lake. Also included on this project team are R.H.K. Enterprises, Inc. (CDF Design); Ohlsen Construction, LLC and Scott Lowe Construction (CDF construction); and Tanking Surveying (land survey).

Project Update

After a temporary stop in dredging activities due to extreme cold temperatures this winter, work resumed at Mission Lake on Sunday, March 14, 2010. Dredging is occurring at a rate of 9,000 gallons per minute with 20% of the discharge as solids. The projected completion date for removing 1,000,000 cubic yards of sediment in July/august 2010.

Project Completion

In August 2010, the last cubic yard of sediment was removed, dredging equipment was demobilized, and the state celebrated the first joint venture to restore a city lake's water storage capacity by dredging. More than one million cubic yards of sediment was removed and 620 acre-feet of water storage was restored. Steps are underway through the Delaware Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy (WRAPS) team to address both surface and streambank erosion to limit future erosion and subsequent sedimentation.




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Photo Mission Lake, Horton, Kansas

Mission Lake - Horton, Kansas

Photo Dredge America Dredging Equipment

Dredge America Dredging Equipment

Photo Discharge of materials from Mission Lake into CDF

Discharge of slurry materials from Mission Lake into confined disposal facility