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Kansas Drought Update: - August 2015

The Climate and Drought Update is produced at least monthly as a climate summary to reflect conditions in the State. When conditions warrant updates will be posted more frequently.

The Season Drought Outlook, developed by the NOAA Climate Prediction Center (NOAA CPC), assesses the likelihood for improvement, persistent or deterioration in drought conditions for areas currently experiencing drought as identified by the U.S. Drought Monitor.

US Seasonal Drought Outlook Map


Kansas Drought Declarations 
June 30, 2015
Federal Drought Disaster 2015
Map Kansas Drought Declarations Map Federal Drought Disaster 2015  

Drought Preparedness & Response

Helpful Documents and Links  (Additional links are located in the KWO Drought Update Above)


  • Letter - Governor Brownback's Letter to Public Water Suppliers - 12/21/2012
  • Governor Brownback's Drought Resources Web Site - an online resource to provide drought information for all Kansans.
  • KWO Fact Sheet - Emergency Access to State Fishing Lakes and Corps of Engineers Reservoirs - 7/26/2012
  • Summary of Kansas Climate and Drought pdf image
  • Kansas Municipal Water Conservation Plan Guidelines - These guidelines were developed for use by public water suppliers to assist them in preparing a water conservation plan. A Water Drought/Emergency Ordinance (for cities) or Resolution (for rural water districts) must also be adopted to allow implementation of the drought response portion of the water conservation plan.
  • Kansas Irrigation Water Conservation Plan Guidelines - These guidelines were prepared for use by irrigators to assist them in preparing a water conservation plan.
  • Kansas Drought Response Guidelines for Public Water Suppliers (excerpt from the Kansas Municipal WCP Guidelines) pdf image
  • Template - Drought Response Plan for Cities (Word format)
  • Template - Drought Response Plan  for Rural Water Districts (Word format)
  • Sample Water Drought/Emergency Ordinance pdf image
  • Sample Water Drought/Emergency Resolution pdf image
  • Drought Monitor Explanation - A comparison of the various indexes used in the US Drought Monitor, and their current value for the Kansas climate divisions. pdf image
  • Drought Preparedness – KWO Fact Sheet 13a  pdf image
  • Drought Response – KWO Fact sheet 13b  pdf image
  • Responding to Drought: A Guide for City, County and Water System Officials  pdf image


  • The Drought Impact Reporter - The Drought Impact Reporter is part of the National Drought Mitigation Center. It allows producers to report concerns and impacts such as crop loss, livestock loss or need to sell, fish kills, dry wells and community water supply challenges.
  • National Drought Mitigation Center - National clearinghouse for drought information.
  • National Drought Mitigation Center - Vegetation Drought Response Index
  • USDA Farm Service Agency
  • USDA Disaster and Drought Assistance
  • FEMA - Disaster Declarations
  • NOAA National Weather Climate Prediction Center - Outlook Maps, Graphs and Tables
  • NOAA National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center - Soil Moisture
  • NOAA National Weather Service U.S. Seasonal Drought Outlook
  • National Weather Service
  • KSU Research and Extension Drought Resources Page
  • US Drought Monitor
  • High Plains Regional Climate Center
  • KARS - The GreenReport

The Kansas Water Office has the statutory responsibility to monitor conditions and inform the Governor when drought conditions are present in the state.  The Director of the Kansas Water Office serves as Chair of the Governor’s Drought Response Team, an interagency group charged with coordinating drought response activities in Kansas.

KANSAS DROUGHT UPDATE - Past Reports - July 2015; June 2015; May 2015; April 2015; March 2015; February 2015; January 2015; Mid January 2015

Reports from 2012 - 2014 are also available below:

  • 2014 Drought Reports

  • 2013 Drought Reports

  • 2012 Drought Reports

Recent News
Press Release: Governor Updates Drought Emergency, Warnings and Watches in Kansas Counties - 6/30/2015

Map - Kansas Drought Declaration (pdf)- 6/30/2015

Executive Order 15-04

Interview - Kansas Ag Issues Podcast- Kelly Lenz with Tracy Streeter, KWO

Interview - Kansas AG Report - Bryan Hallman interviews Tracy Streeter, Director of the KWO to discuss the new Drought Declaration and the Governor's 50 Year Water Vision - 6/1/2014

Press Release -
Governor Updates Drought Emergency, Warnings and Watches in Kansas Counties - 5/21/2014

Executive Order No. 14-04 -

Press Release
- Kansas Producers Continue to Struggle with Impact of Drought - 3/27/2014

USDA Secretary Vilsack
Drought Designations - 3/26/2014

KS Drought Operations Plan

Governor's Drought Team
The Team meets on a regular basis either through conference calls or in-person meetings to address current drought condition issues.

Governor Brownback's Kansas Drought Resources Website

Past Meetings/Conference Calls

May 19, 2014 - Drought Response Team Conference Call

Executive Orders

  • Exec. Order 14-__ - 5/23/2014
  • Exec. Order 13-02 - 8/26/2013        

Photo Governor's Drought Tour